Statement Cushions, The Perfect Finishing Touch


A fantastic way to bring colour into your home is by adding accents through accessories. Statement cushions may feel like small additions but they can add maximum character and we think there’s very few schemes which aren’t considerably enhanced with the addition of beautiful luxury cushions. If you have a fondness for a particular a colour but don’t want to paint or paper the entire room in it statement cushions and accessories let you celebrate the colour and make it a real focus without being overbearing.


Why We Love Statement Cushions

One of the main reasons we adore Liberty fabrics is that they feel as though they have personalities and when used on statement cushions they naturally bring these to a room. They have a wonderful adaptability and can either be the hero or take on the supporting role effortlessly. Of course, our favourite way with statement cushions is to create playful and maximalist combinations but if you’re just dipping in your toe, a single print across a pair of oversized cushions on a bed will still look incredibly splendent. 

When adding new statement cushions it is about striking a balance of what you love and casually complementing what is already within your scheme. They don’t need to dictate the whole room! Pick out a colour from curtain fabric, a painting or even a picture frame and reflect it in the prints of your statement cushions. They have all the qualities to unify and enhance a successful combination of colour, pattern and texture. 

You can effectively elevate your cushion arrangement by mixing two or three prints. Two will feel playful while three creates a maximalist combination which, as you know, we champion. When pairing prints, the key is in mixing scales so nothing feels jarring and everything has a chance to shine. 

Statement Cushions by Coco & Wolf

Seasonal Statement Cushions

Seasonal changes of statements cushions can also be incredibly effective. In Autumn introducing rich, jewel like tones will instantly make a bedroom or lounge feel more cosy and inviting. Mixing textures adds depth, character and interest, especially when incorporating illustrious Liberty fabrics which bounce light around beautifully. We love them teamed with velvets and linens. 

However, let’s not forget, if you create a collection of cushions you adore which really enhance your room, it will work all year round. There’s no pressure to change things every season. Rooting your design choices in what makes you happy is never a bad thing.

The perfect finishing touch, every time. 

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