Coco & Wolf Spring Summer 2021 Liberty Fabrics

Coco & Wolf’s Spring Summer collection is centred around a carefully selected array of Liberty fabrics, from classic 1930s ditsy florals to bold landscapes and off-beat conversationals. Most excitingly, this season we introduce our biggest range of Coco & Wolf exclusives, across both Tana Lawn™ cotton and silk. In colour ways designed as a partnership between the Coco & Wolf and Liberty fabric teams, these fabrics will not be found anywhere else.

Today we’re introducing you to the Tana Lawn™ cottons which make up our Spring Summer 2021 collection. Liberty’s iconic cotton is unlike any other. Created using a bespoke process in Liberty’s own Italian printing mill, Tana Lawn™ has an incredible silk-like touch, and unmatchable print and colour vibrancy. We can’t wait to see which prints become our customers’ favourites. 


Coco & Wolf Spring Summer 2021 Liberty Fabrics, Amelie.
A closer look at Amelie

A classic Liberty floral dating from the 1930s, Amelie was originally printed at Liberty’s own Merton print works. It features a fresh layout of roses, carnations and daisies.


Coco & Wolf Spring Summer 2021 Liberty Fabrics, Animal Sports Day.
A closer look at Animal Sports Day

Developed exclusively for Coco & Wolf, Animal Sports Day is a fun, conversational design featuring a menagerie of charming animals all ready and set for the most iconic day in the school calendar. 


Coco & Wolf Spring Summer 2021 Liberty Fabrics, Betsy.
A closer look at Betsy

Betsy is made of up tightly-knitted florals, and was created for Liberty Fabrics in 1933. It was designed by the enigmatic DS, whose work makes up many of Liberty’s favourite house patterns. Betsy has been part of the Classics collection since 1982. Betsy in Candyfloss is a Coco & Wolf exclusive, designed alongside the Liberty fabrics team and only available from us. 


Coco & Wolf Spring Summer 2021 Liberty Fabrics, D'Anjo Coast.
A closer look at D'Anjo Coast

This print is based on Liberty’s much-loved classic D’Anjo, which was originally designed by the Silver Studio in the 1930s. The monochromatic marigolds, poppies and bell flowers give a soft, fresh look.


Coco & Wolf Spring Summer 2021 Liberty Fabrics, Donna Leigh.
A closer look at Donna Leigh 

The original Donna Leigh Liberty print was inspired by a design by William Kilburn dating from the late 1700s. During this period Kilburn produced many designs for muslin, often with dark, rich grounds and contrasting flowers – this print reflects his signature aesthetic, with its hand-painted watercolour flowers.

Our exclusive silver blue colour way features a silver blue background with cherry red, teal and mustard pops throughout the floral and berry motifs. 


Coco & Wolf Spring Summer 2021 Liberty Fabrics, Edie.
A closer look at Edie

Redrawn from a 1910s Liberty print impression, Edie is a graphic representation of a spring field of scattered bell flowers and busy lizzies. The design is block coloured with geometric leaves to create an organic stencil effect.


Coco & Wolf Spring Summer 2021 Liberty Fabrics, Eva Belle.
A closer look at Eva Belle

Eva Belle is inspired by a design from the Liberty Fabrics archive, originally created between the 1910s and 1930s in Jacobean needlework style. A Tree of Life arrangement, it features stylised florals with winding leaves and intricately shaded petals in soft jewel-tone colourways.


Coco & Wolf Spring Summer 2021 Liberty Fabrics, Felda.
A closer look at Felda
Felda features an array of meadow flowers including irises, poppies and daisies – painted in delicate watercolours, it has a soft and dreamy feel.

"Tana Lawn™ realises unmatchable fluidity with a silk-like touch, unique print quality and striking colour vibrancy."


Coco & Wolf Spring Summer 2021 Liberty Fabrics, Felicite.
A closer look at Felicite

This rose trail pattern was designed for Liberty Fabrics in 1933 - like the Betsy and Wiltshire prints, Felicite was created by a designer with the initials D.S. It joined Liberty’s Classics collection in 2001.


Coco & Wolf Spring Summer 2021 Liberty Fabrics, Joanna Louise.
A closer look at Joanna Louise

Joanna Louise is a quintessential Liberty botanical, based on an archive impression sheet from the 1940s. Loosely outlined thistle, pinks, roses and busy lizzies come together in a dense and charming meadow effect.


Coco & Wolf Spring Summer 2021 Liberty Fabrics, Lee Manor.
A closer look at Lee Manor

The ornate botanical paisleys of our Lee Manor print are inspired by the Venetian glasswork technique of Millefiori, and named after Sir Arthur Liberty’s country estate.

Michelle | Coco & Wolf Exclusive

Coco & Wolf Spring Summer 2021 Liberty Fabrics, Michelle.
A closer look at Michelle

Michelle is a quintessential 1930s Liberty floral, developed from an archival design from 1933. It was created by D.S. – the same enigmatic artist who created the iconic Liberty Fabrics prints Betsy and Wiltshire. This sand colour way features neutral tones of taupe, mushroom, sand and peach, and has been developed exclusively by Coco & Wolf with Liberty Fabrics.


Coco & Wolf Spring Summer 2021 Liberty Fabrics, Mitsi.
A closer look at Mitsi

Mitsi was designed by Gillian Farr, a member of the Liberty Fabrics studio in the 1950s. It pays homage to Liberty’s historical love for Japanese design motifs, featuring delicate cherry blossom.


Coco & Wolf Spring Summer 2021 Liberty Fabrics, Mitsi Valeria.
A closer look at Mitsi Valeria

Mitsi Valeria is a small version of the Liberty Fabrics design Mitsi. The original was created by Gillian Farr, a studio member in the 1950s.


Coco & Wolf Spring Summer 2021 Liberty Fabrics, Phoebe.
A closer look at Phoebe

Phoebe was inspired by an impression sheet found in Liberty’s Merton Abbey print works. This tiny ditsy fabric was first printed as a scarf design in 1966.


Coco & Wolf Spring Summer 2021 Liberty Fabrics, Strawberry Thief.
A closer look at Strawberry Thief

A perennial Liberty favourite since 1979, this classic Arts and Crafts design was originally created by William Morris in 1883. Liberty Fabrics first produced Strawberry Thief as a furnishing fabric in 1979 and it has since been redrawn for Tana Lawn on a smaller scale. Strawberry Thief appeared on Classic Tana since 1955.


Coco & Wolf Spring Summer 2021 Liberty Fabrics, Tou-Can Hide.
A closer look at Tou-Can Hide

Painted in watercolour, Tou-Can Hide is a fun conversational design features a toucan peering through the rainforest canopy alongside lemurs, frogs and monkeys. 


We'll be introducing the fabulous silk fabrics which make up our Spring Summer collection very soon, so do keep your eyes peeled! In the mean time, why not share your favourite new Liberty fabric? 

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